Located in the coal belt of India, with Steel & Power Industries sprawling in the region, JSPL Machinery Division is specialised in manufacturing equipment for both the Steel & Power Industries. Right from Steel Ladles to Cooling Bed Transfer Drive Assembly, JSPL Machinery Division manufactures equipment spanning the entire production cycle of Steel & Power Plants

Steel Plant

Description Specification Application
Pinion Assembly 500 TPD DRI Plant
Segment 165 Sq.MM Biller Caster
Steel Ladle 250 MT SMS
Grizzly Bar Assembly 204 m^2 Sinter Plant
Mould Housing - Slab Caster
Scrap Charging Bucket 220 m^2 SMS
Tundish Assembly 100 MT CAP. Billet Caster
Hot Metal Transfer Car 250 MT SMS
Segment 180-300mm thk Slab Caster
Segment Stand 4 Stand Biller Caster
Embedded Part – Ladle Turret 265MT Capacity Ladle Turret Billet Caster
Dummy Bar Parking Device 8 Dummy Bars Billet Caster
Mould Beam Blank RUBM
Roller Table Assembly 5 Meter wide Plate Mill
Cooling Bed Walking beam Blast Furnace
Transfer Dive Assly Cooling Bed Plate Mill
Lower Bracket Generator 37 MW Hydro
Machined Bed 3.5 Mtr. Long Machine
Lifting Frame Re-Heating Furnace MLSM
Mill Housing 5.2mm – 22.0mm Wire Rod Mill
Pawl Transfer - -
Tundish Transfer Car 100T Capacity Billet Caster