Being a manufacturer of world class products and equipment’s quality production is a non-negotiable ethic at the Machinery Division. In view of this, the Division adheres to the most stringent quality assurance and control practices. The JSPL Machinery workshop is equipped with state-of-the- art inspection and testing facilities with its in-house mechanical and chemical testing laboratories, NDT facilities (ultrasonic testing, radiography testing, magnetic particle testing and dye penetrant testing) and various other instruments. It conforms to a host of national and international standards such as IS, ASME, ASNT, ISO, EN, DIN and GOST.

The Machinery Division is ISO 9001 certified and follows the quality control tool TPM. Our shop is recognized by ASME as a U, U2, R, S and NB certified company.

JSPL Machinery Division has the following testing facilities

  • Non Destructive testing facilities such as RT, UT, MT & PT
  • Physical testing facilities for checking properties such as Tensile, Impact & Hardness
  • Electrical testing facilities such as Current, Voltage, Earthing resistance & IR
  • Chemical testing equipment such as Spectrometer
  • Image Analyser& Digital Thermo Hydrometer
  • Hydro Pressure Gauge equipment & Pneumatic testing equipment for pressure vessels
Brinell Hardness Testing
Notch Broaching Machine
& Profile Projector
Image Analyser
Impact Testing Machine
PMI Machine Make - Bruker S1 Germany
Dead Weight Calibrator for Pressure gauge calibration
Hardness Testing Machine